Dental Practice Dental-One

Bulevar umetnosti 5 / 11070 Novi Beograd

Dr Radovan Vuceljic

Telephone for information and scheduling: +381 11 3189246 and +38163351630

Working hours: 12:00 to 20:00 and on appointment



All kinds of dental services.


Metal ceramic crowns and bridges.


Total and partial dentures.

Oral surgery and implantology.


Fixed and mobile to correct irregularities in the position of teeth in children

Children's and Preventive Dentistry

Oral Medicine

Estetic dentistry represents a set of interventions and innovations indentistry, whose goal is more beautiful and harmonious dental arch.

Cerec 3D denture such as crowns, veneers (vinirs), inlays, onlays,

ZOOM teeth whitening LAMP most effective methods of teeth whitening in one visit, after which it gets the more shades whiter teeth from the initial color.

Special services in our office:

AIR-FOLW special method of removing plaque from the machine which completely removes pigments and plaque from your teeth whether they arecaused by nicotine or some other behavior, and quite painlessly without contact with your teeth and of course without any damage to tooth enamel. Your teeth will be not only more beautiful but also healthier.

APEX FINDER. The device by which the root of the tooth heal more efficiently and accurately Ceramic inlay. Inlays give form of tooth where a filling can not for the crown is still early. Cerec restorations specially carved 3D machine. CAD /CAM technology, the ceramic block with SIRONA MCXL- CNC machine with precision of less than 1 millimeter. The ideal reconstruction of your teeth at an affordable price which keeps the gingival attachment of the tooth and thus extends the life spanof your teeth is minimal invasive.



One of the latest series with minimal radiation. Several times less radiation thanwith analog x-ray machine.

Class B autoclave and sterilization complete system for maximum patientprotection by EU standards

Apex locator Raypex 5 generations

To measure the length of the channel. More precisely than X-rays. For greateraccuracy in less pain.

Cerec 3D

The computerized system that allows us to work out in one visit and functionalcompensation most closely resembles a natural tooth

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